Our Preschool

Beansprouts was founded in 1980 and serves children between the ages of 1.9 to 9. We offer full and half day programs from 7:30 am - 6:00 pm. Our first priority is to build a warm, supportive classroom community in which each child is a valued member. Watch our video below and learn a little about what makes beansprouts so special.

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There’s no better way to get a feel for what makes Beansprouts such a special place than to visit in person.

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An Introduction To Beansprouts

Designed for a child (16 - 30mo) and a parent or caregiver to enjoy together, Little Sprouts is a playful and early socialization experience facilitated by an experienced Beansprouts teacher. Next class begins October, 2018

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At Beansprouts

children spend their days playing and sharing in a structured environment designed to stimulate their curiosity and build on successful experiences. Our children learn through hands-on engagement and are encouraged to express themselves. "Use your words" and "you have good ideas" are phrases that teachers commonly share with the children. We believe young children learn best through hands-on experience and engagement in content that's meaningful to them.

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What Parent's Say

The teachers allow the children to help lead with their interests, while maintaining the structure that keeps the kids feeling safe, which has helped my son build confidence.
My child is excited to go to school, to see classmates on the playground, and show off all of the learning they do.