See why families love Beansprouts

The best way to learn about Beansprouts is to join us for our Tour! We invite you to take a look inside Beansprouts to meet our passionate and caring teachers while discovering an environment that nurtures each child’s curiosity, potential and growth. You can sign up for an age-specific tour below.

What we value at Beansprouts

We Value the Experience of Watching Children Develop Independence and Imagination

Beansprouts fosters a happy, engaging school community that meets each child wherever they are, and lays the groundwork for future learning. What children learn during these formative years molds them for a lifetime. We create environments that promote children’s problem solving and decision-making skills, as well as their self-expression.

We Value Our Caring, Skilled Teachers

As educators first, and preschool directors second, we believe that teachers are at the heart of our school. Beansprouts is composed of nurturing and experienced teachers trained in early childhood development. Our school aims to care for them as they care for your child: with support, guidance, and respect in and out of the classroom.

We Value The Process of Creating Evolving, Well Rounded Classrooms

Beansprouts classrooms come in different sizes and locations but share core principles. Our classrooms belong to the children. We are passionate about active learning, as a classroom’s needs and materials in September are very different from a classroom’s needs and materials in June. Beansprouts classrooms grow and change depending on the gifts, needs, and interests of each child.

We Value the Trust and Commitment of Our Beansprouts Families

If you visit one of our Beansprouts classrooms, you will see teachers that have been with us for over 10 years, creating classrooms that meet each child where they are. You will see generations of Beansprouts families, children of Beansprouts staff, and Beansprouts alumni running their own classrooms. This level of commitment, support, and warmth is singular to Beansprouts. We are building more than learning experiences and classrooms, we are building a community.

About Beansprouts

Beansprouts was founded in 1980 and serves children between the ages of 1.9 to 5. We offer full and half day programs from 7:30 am - 6:00 pm. Our first priority is to build a warm, supportive classroom community in which each child is a valued member.