Nursery School Program
Beansprouts offers programs for children between the ages of 1.9 - 5 years old. Our preschool program runs from September through mid-June. A first priority is to build a warm, supportive classroom community in which each child is a valued member.

Beansprouts offers a developmentally appropriate curriculum. This means, first, that all aspects of the preschool experience - from classroom materials to planned activities to the rhythm of the school day - are designed to meet the needs and challenge the capacities of young children. Second, this means that the teachers and curriculum are responsive to the personalities, learning styles, family background, and formative experiences of individual children.

Here are some of our basic principles:

  • Our school belongs to our children. Teachers serve as guides and mentors.
  • Our school addresses all aspects of a child's development - the physical, social-emotional, cognitive, and language domains - that lay the groundwork for later academic learning.
  • We believe young children learn best through hands-on experience and engagement in content that's meaningful to them.

Our curriculum includes:

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