+ When can I apply?

Right now. We are currently accepting applications for fall 2018/2019 school year.

+ What programs do we offer?

We offer full time, part time and half day programs for children 1.6 – 5 years old.

+ Is admission handled on a first-come, first-served basis?

You may submit an application anytime between September 6 and November 30. However, submitting an earlier application gives you the benefit of more, and earlier, playdate options.

+ How do I sign up for a tour?

  • Right here!
  • Or feel free to stop by our office and book a tour in person.

+ What can I expect on the tour?

Each tour departs from the yard at 410 Sixth Avenue. Plan to arrive promptly at 9 am. Tours last from 9 to 10am. We will visit all Beansprouts’ locations. No children are allowed on a tour, with the exception of babies in slings or packs. We walk around the area in all kinds of weather, and need to be able to transition quickly between spaces and keep our focus on the adults’ discussion.

+ Do I have to go on a tour in order to apply?

No. Attending a tour is not necessary for application.

+ After we apply, what happens next?

We will contact you to schedule a playdate. Playdates will begin in November.

+ What is a playdate?

A playdate is a small, structured playgroup that lasts 30 minutes. Children will have a period of free play, sing songs, and sit for a brief goodbye circle. Each playdate consists of 8 applicants and 2 teachers. One parent or caregiver also stays in the room for the half hour. We will contact you to schedule a playdate once we receive your application.

+ Where are Beansprouts’ classrooms located?

We have classrooms in several locations within a small area in Park Slope. Our classrooms are in the following locations: 339 8th Street; 421 7th Street; 410 6th Ave.; 446 6th Ave.; 454-456 6th Ave.; and 506 6th Ave.

+ Can I choose my child's class Location?

We will take your request for a particular location into account, but we cannot assure your child will be placed there. In choosing where to locate children, we consider carefully how the placements will work to create a balanced, cohesive group. In addition, the location of specific programs may change from year to year.

+ How does my child’s birthdate affect his or her placement?

We consider many factors when deciding where to place your child, including his or her birthdate. In making a placement, we strive to ensure that your child is, in developmental terms, a good fit for a particular placement. We consider your input and our own observations, and weigh such factors as class size and teacher-child ratio in the classroom.

+ What is a typical day like at Beansprouts?

  • Watch our Video and find out!

+ Do the children nap?

For half-day programs (morning or afternoon), there is no scheduled rest-time. For full-day programs, we are required by the Department of Health to provide a period (approximately an hour) during which the lights are lowered, quiet music is played, and the children rest on cots (and may sleep).

+ How does Beansprouts handle lunches and snacks?

  • For full-day classes (8:30 to 2:45), parents are responsible for sending in a healthy snack and lunch for their child. Teachers will refrigerate food that requires refrigeration, help unpack lunchboxes, and heat up food that is labeled for the purpose and packed in microwave-safe containers.

  • For half-day classes, parents are responsible for sending in a healthy snack for their child. Teachers will refrigerate food that requires refrigeration and help unpack snack containers.

  • In order to ensure that special dietary needs and allergies are respect, children will not be allowed to share any part of their snack or lunch with other children.

+ How do you handle peanut and other nut allergies?

Beansprouts is not a nut-free school. When a classroom includes a child with a nut or other food allergy that requires an EPI pen, all families are informed and every effort is made to ensure that the allergen is not brought into the classroom.