What Parents Say

My child is excited to go to school, to see classmates on the playground, and show off all of the learning they do. The program also incorporates music lessons of different kids with dedicated music professionals, and creatively introduces topics of focus through group and individual activities.
— Parent of Christine G's Class

The teachers allow the children to help lead with their interests, while maintaining the structure that keeps the kids feeling safe, which has helped my son build confidence.
— Parent of Sophia's Class

One of our favorite parts about Beansprouts is that the kids play outside every single day. Being in a city environment it was important to us that her only activity outside wasn’t just walking to and from places.
— Parent of Rosalba's Class
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We fully credit Beansprouts with teaching our daughter the fundamentals of organized play and how to follow instructions and participate in a structured day. Playing “school” became her favorite game at home and we discussed schedules, tasks that she could help us with (they gave each kid a job in the classroom) and how to respect boundaries and interact with peers.
— Parent of Julienne's Class

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The curriculum is amazing. The kids are exposed to so many things - art, music, science, building, cooking, early childhood literacy, the outdoors - all in a fun, age-appropriate way. They keep the kids so engaged - it’s awesome.
— Beansprouts Parent

Our son has attended Beansprouts for the past two years. During that time he has blossomed under the expert tutelage and guidance of the qualified professionals that run each classroom. His social skills, vocabulary, interest in reading, and his imagination have all grown by leaps and bounds. We couldn’t be happier with his progress and the amazing attention he’s received.
— Parent of Tami's Class

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We love Beansprouts. Our daughter has advanced tremendously in speech and language. She loves going and the teachers are great. They are energetic, experienced and you can tell they love the children.
— Parent of Beansprouts Alumni

Beansprouts is an important part of our extended family.
— Parent of Joslyn's Class